A decentralized, blockchain powered peer-to-peer platform
where you can monetize any skill and connect with likeminded people.

The ICO has been suspended please see our facebook page for more information


Skillboard aims to simplify the processes of offering and finding any online or offline skill by providing a decentralized platform which is regulated by smart contracts, where users can pay or get paid in SKILL tokens or fiat money. We believe that every person has unique skills that can be of value, and therefore, is a potential Skiller who can monetize his skills. Providing others the possibility to make use of these skills.

The platform will give individuals who don’t have access to a bank account, therefore being cut out from online commerce, the possibility to enter the commercial market. The only thing they will need is an account on the platform.

We strive for an open and shared economy, thus Skillboard is not solely focussed on additional income. We want to increase the access to knowledge and human interaction for anyone who is interested or feels socially isolated. Therefore, users can also find one another in an easy way for sharing or learning from each other’s interest, skills or knowledge.


Skillboard lets you utilize your skills and earn income wherever you will go. Whether it can be done through the web or on the spot, Skillboard builds bridges between demand and supply.


In an ever increasing digital world we tend to lose our focus on social interaction. While social interaction is one of the primary needs for mankind. So besides being a platform for income, Skillboard will have the possibility for likeminded people to find each other. These people can come together to share and learn from each other's interest, knowledge and skills.


Use anyones skill, whenever and wherever. No matter where you are, you can directly find someone who is equipped with the right skills to provide you in anything you need.


Skillboard wants to leave its mark on the world by giving entrepreneurial minds, those who dare to think and act otherwise, the possibility to thrive. We believe that these are the people that will help humankind and the world we live in to evolve. When given the opportunity.


Skillboard stands for powering the people, driving the human race forward through investing in itself. We stand for an open economy where everyone’s skills can be utilized and monetized. A world without restrictions. A world where freedom is the goal and Skillboard is the tool.


Municipality of Eindhoven

The city where Philips was founded has agreed on combining forces to make the Skillboard project a success. The progressive municipality is known for the Brainport region and its innovative character.

University of Technology Eindhoven

To speed up the realisation of our vision, we've teamed up with one of the global leading technological universities that has contributed a lot towards developing Eindhoven as the smartest region in the world. Many of the masterminds working at high-tech companies like ASML, Philips, NXP etc. have been educated at the TU/e.


BigchainDB powers the Interplanetary Database (IPDB). A global database for everyone, everywhere. It is built with identity and creators in mind. It allows the management of personal data, reputation, and privacy, along with secure attribution, metadata, licensing, and links to media files.


Eciotify lays the foundation for a secure, scalable and decentralized trading of digital assets, empowering the Economy of Things. Using the their Smart Contract technology, anyone can form contracts and share the usage of their smart devices amongst a wider group of peers.


The safest, fastest asset exchange there is. Shapeshift will help trading any leading blockchain asset for any other. Providing the possibility for each Skiller to pay another Skiller in any digital currency.


Unity makes strength! Therefore, we're always interested in starting new partnerships. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have an idea or proposal.

Advisory board


Drs. Mary Ann Schreurs
Vice-Mayor Innovation & Design

Mary-Ann her goal is to improve citizen’s lives and defying big challenges of the city. She believes new technologies such as blockchain help people to gain more control over their lives and aid democratization of society as a whole. Before she became council member and Vice-Mayor in Eindhoven, she was co-initiator of (European) innovation projects linked to design.

Hans van Dinteren
Project lead TU/e

Hans has been working at TU/e for over 16 years. During this period he set up the partnership program that has led many projects to success by utilizing all the knowledge, expertise and business relations the well-known and established University of Technology of Eindhoven has to offer.


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